We render the following services to the clients:

  1. Designing the most suitable insurance program (MSIP) for the clients duly meeting all their insurance requirements.
  2. Thorough analysis and evaluation of existing insurance covers and recommending definite solutions to fill up the lacunae, if any, in coverage.
  3. Getting the clients the best price and terms from the insurance market since we deal with all insurance companies.
  4. Ensuring prompt, timely and effective renewals
  5. Recommendations to clients on ensuring proper and adequate coverage of assets, operations and liability areas
  6. Recommending and implementing the best of its breed Employee Benefits like Group Health, GPA, GTI etc
  7. Designing systems and procedures for proper claims administration ensuring timely and judicious settlements
  8. Insurance Audits – which enable total audit of insurance portfolio periodically with suggestions based on the audit findings
  9. Providing total claims management for expeditious settlement of claims ensuring peace of mind to clients.